Stores/Restaurants/Gas Stations

Whether you are on a snowmobile, on an ATV or in a vehicle, all area services are accessible from The Casey Cabin.  We are located approximately a mile and a half from Youngs Store and The Happy Corner Cafe.

On snowmobile or ATV from The Casey Cabin you can get where you want to go.
Need something at the store??  Hop on your sled or ATV and ride to the store.
Need gas??  Hop on your sled or ATV and fill up your gas tank.
Feel like going out to eat??  Hop on your sled or ATV and get to your favorite restaurant.
It’s just that easy!!!


The Casey Cabin is situated between The First Connecticut Lake and Lake Francis.  A little over a mile down Shermans Loop to Hill Road will bring you to Route 3.
Just a short trip North on Route 3 brings you to The First Connecticut Lake Boat Launch and Beach/Picnic Area.
Likewise, just a short trip South on Route 3 will bring you to The Lake Francis Boat Launch and Picnic Area.  The Lake Francis State Park/Campground is a little over 2 miles from The Casey Cabin.
There are numerous ponds and rivers close by to fly-fish, wade, spin-cast, troll, boat, canoe, kayak, or just hang out on the shore and enjoy the view.  A list of North Country Ponds and directions to these ponds is available for your use in the Casey Cabin.

Moose Watching – Hiking

Moose Alley

Heading North on Route 3 you will discover “Moose Alley”.  This is a popular stretch of road for moose sitings.  Early morning or just before dark is the best time to get an opportunity to see a moose.  Most moose viewing opportunities exist between the Second Connecticut Lake and the US/Canadian Border.  Be sure to bring your camera!!
There are many places in Pittsburg to go for a hike.  Magalloway Mountain has two trails to the summit (3,360′) which will take about an hour.  Garfield Falls is another beautiful place to see and is only a short 1/4 mile hike to the water falls.  Also, Cohos has numerous trails to hike in Pittsburg.